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All You Need Eye Brush Set

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All You Need Eye Brush Set

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Step up your makeup game with our SC CHROMA eye brush set, hand crafted with natural and synthetic bristles. Our 9 piece set contains everything you need to create magic eye looks from natural to bold and creative

Complete with 9 brushes
E1- small crease blender(synthetic)
-best for precise placement of shadow to crease keeping that blend controlled

E2- slim fluffy blender (natural/synthetic hair blend)
-perfect shape & size for complete control to apply shadows and soften those edges for a beautiful blend

E3 & E4- Fluffy blenders (natural/synthetic hair blend)
Amazing for blown out looks and buffing out any harsh edges for a seamless blend

E5- Shader brush (synthetic)
Perfect for carving out brow, cutting that crease or applying concealer

E6- Packing on brush (synthetic)
Amazing for packing pigments/glitters to the lid

E7- Flluffy pencil brush (natural/synthetic)
Best for under eye shadows and detailed eye looks

E8- blender (synthetic)
Perfect for precision & blend to build up that shadow, to add more depth to outer corner and crease

E9- Angled liner brush(synthetic)
Best for creating razor sharp liner or define brows

-made with natural-synthetic hair blend/pure synthetic hair
- black wooden handle
-gold ferrule
-black couch bag, gold zip

“An artist is only as good as there tools”