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7 Ways To Care For Your Skin During COVID Lockdown

7 Ways To Care For Your Skin During COVID Lockdown

It’s a tough time to be alive and the global pandemic has changed our lives significantly. Our regular daily routines have become altered, and many people can’t go to work or school. Even so, it is still important to stay fit and healthy. And, although you go outside less often, you still need to continue looking after your skin.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to care for your skin during COVID lockdown: 

Cleanse Correctly

     Make sure to thoroughly clean up any surface debris and make up with natural, gentle remover. Use cotton pads to cleanse your skin with the remover product. Repeat until the pads come away clean, without any trace of debris or make up.

Exfoliate Twice A Week

     Natural exfoliation can remove dead cells from your skin. A good skin exfoliator product should effectively whisk away dead cells and improve cell regeneration using the same principle. With regular exfoliation, your skin will become radiant and smooth. Some products can also dissolve dead cells for easier removal and to purify skin pores.

Layered Hydration

     Proper hydration is essential if you want to unlock radiant skin. Invest in the right moisturising product for your skin that provides gentle hydration while managing oil. Hydration is also an important step to preparing your skin for make-up. Some moisturisers may also reduce healing times and brighten dark spots.

Wear Sunscreen

     If you plan to hike or go to an outside area where there are not many people, make sure to use sunscreen. The sun can still be harsh during the winter due to the snow reflection. UV light can cause a wide range of skin problems if you don’t use sunscreen.

Choose Nutritious Foods

     It is a fact that you are what you eat. Vegetables and fresh fruits are the best ingredients for your skin. Make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals for heathier and radiant skin. Choose a low-sugar diet to manage your levels of insulin and to balance your skin cells.


     You need to exercise regularly and sweat out to keep your skin healthy. Yoga, jogging and running can ensure proper blood circulation, which accelerates the cleansing process. Remember to do a thorough skin care routine after a workout to remove dirt and sweat.

Sleep Well

     Make sure that you sleep at least eight hours each night. People who don’t get enough sleep will look tired with baggy eyes. Good exercise and relaxation provide the right condition for quality sleep. Be sure to use a mild cleanser and moisturiser before going to bed.

Contact Scanny Chroma

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